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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs


Marbling Tools
Peggy shows you the tools that you can use for your marbling projects. She also teaches you how to make your own marbling rakes and combs.

You can use a variety of papers for marbling. Peggy discusses papers she likes to use in her marbled artwork.

Marbling Tools



Paints & Surfactants
Selecting the right paints is just as important as balancing the colors properly so they will float in your marbling tray.

Watercolor Marbling
Watercolors are great for beginners. Peggy walks you through the basics in this segment.

Traditional marbling is done on a gel. Gel is simple to make. Peggy shows you how to stir things up and shares several tips and tricks along the way.


Final Steps
Once you've created your own marbled masterpieces, you need to dry and protect your artwork. After this segment is complete, you'll be ready to learn several marbled patterns.




Pebble Pattern
This is the simplest pattern to create. But when you are marbling, even simple patterns can be both intricate and gorgeous.

There are two basic patterns that are the foundation for all traditional combed marbled patterns. Peggy guides you through both patterns.




This pattern is reminiscent of cool breezes and ocean waves.

French Curl
This classic pattern has been around for centuries.




This pattern is popular with bookbinders and paper crafters alike.

With one minor change, a bouquet becomes a thistle pattern.




Over Marbling
For some truly unique and exotic effects, you can layer marbled patterns on a single piece of paper or fabric.

With a toothpick and some imagination, Peggy will show you how to draw beautiful flowers in the marbling tray.

Any time you learn a new craft, you are bound to experience a few glitches along the way. Here Peggy discusses some common problems and how to deal with them.
Marbling Fabric
Once you start marbling fabric, you will find yourself making awesome scarves, neckties, and other wearable artwork.

Custom Paints
Do you want to add some metallic effects? Peggy uses concentrated pigments and mica powders to make your own custom marbling paints.

More Tools & Trays
Once you start marbling, you may want to make bigger and better pieces. In this segment, Peggy discusses how to make your own marbling trays and demonstrates more tool making tips.

Every PageSage DVD includes extra features. We've included an interactive gallery, an index of all of Peggy's tips and tricks, and a few special effects to make sure you can see and understand every step along the way.

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Gorgeous and timeless describes the art of marbling. Peggy Skycraft's new DVD, Mastering Marbling, leads you step-by-step in creating marbled papers to wow even the most experienced decorative painter.

The Decorative Painter March/April 2006

Decorative Painter

Have you ever admired the marbling designs in fabric or paper and wondered "How did they do that?" I have, and after watching PageSage's DVD called Mastering Marbling with Peggy Skycraft, I was brave enough to try it. Peggy Skycraft thoroughly covers the tools, paints, and techniques involved in making beautiful marbleized creations on this 103 minute full color DVD.

Scrap Friends Sept 2005

Scrap Friends

Peggy Skycraft is an incredible instructor. She takes what initially seems like a very "fussy", difficult and time consuming technique and shows you just how easy and fun it can be.

Cloud 9 Product Reviews Oct 2005

Cloud 9

The is a very watchable DVD. My family, whose other members are not planning to learn marbling, even found it interesting to watch how it is done - kind of like going to the fair and watching the glass blower. It's fascinating to see the magic.

Vamp Stamp News Aug 2005


Vamp Stamp News

Give It a Whirl - A new DVD from PageSage, "Mastering Marbling with Peggy Skycraft," takes you through the step-by-step process of creating marbleized designs for paper and fabrics.

The Rubber Stamper Nov/Dec 2005

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