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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs




Folding 101
The best place to start is at the beginning. In Fold It, that means talking about everything from types of paper to types of folds. Karen shares her techniques for creating crisp folds, cutting mat board, and finding the grain of paper. 


Paper Finishes
There are all kinds of wonderful origami papers available. Sometimes, though, it is more fun to decorate your own paper. Karen shares some ideas for creating beautiful one-of-a-kind sheets of paper.
Karen shares some great ideas for folding your own custom envelopes. These unique envelopes are perfect for a special letter, greeting card, or even scrapbook pages.
Pop Up Box
This box lies flat when it is closed and pops open to reveal its contents. Attach this fun box into a greeting card or a scrapbook page.
Sliding Boxes Sliding Box
Slip something special into this sliding box. Karen demonstrates how to make this simple box with just a few pieces of paper, a piece of ribbon, and a dab of glue.

Folded Box
A few sheets of origami paper folded into the same shape slide together to make this colorful box.

Folded Box

Gift Bag

Gift Bag
Sometime a custom gift bag is the perfect vessel for a special present. Karen shows you how to turn a piece of paper, eyelets and a cord into a beautiful bag.
Little Kimono
This kimono makes a charming pin or embellishment.


Folded Shoes
The perfect ensemble needs the perfect pair of shoes. Karen teaches you how to make a shoe by folding a single piece of paper.
Folded Earrings
Create unique earrings with origami paper and jewelry findings. Karen demonstrates fold-by-fold how e asy it is to make folded jewelry.

Crane Card

Crane Card
Love letters and greeting cards will never be the same once you learn how to fold this clever crane card.
Accordion Book
This book is fun to read and simple to make. Karen spices it up a bit by creating two books in one.
Accordian Book


Signature Book
On the outside, this looks like an ordinary book. Once you ope n the cover you can see that this signature book is anything but ordinary.

House Box
This creative box looks like a house when it is closed and then opens flat to reveal an accordion book and assorted embellishments.

House Book

Closed House Box

House Book Open

Open House Box

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You are able to see exactly where to move the paper as Karen describes what she is doing. I love using the DVD in the computer so I can use the pause button as many times as I want while working on a certain fold before going on to the next fold; this was especially helpful when I made the "Folded Box."

S.S. Reflections March 2006

SS Reflections

From a beautifully designed and informative case-insert, to a menu that allows viewers to directly access any of the techniques demonstrated. Fold it is a class craft-video act in which artist Karen Thomas professionally presents (with fabulous close-up camera work) a dozen super-cool folding projects...

Video Librarian Sept/Oct 2005

Video Librarian

Karen Thomas creates wonderful folded treasures. On her new DVD (which is almost 2.5 hours long!), she demonstrates how to make everything from envelopes, boxes and book s to more whimsical projects like shoes, earrings, and a kimono. Fold It projects are great on their own or as embellishments for greeting cards or scrapbook pages.

Scrap & Stamp Arts April 2005

Scrap and Stamp

Learn to fold boxes, books, earrings, cranes and other origami shapes with the Fold It DVD from PageSage. Featuring demonstrations by Karen Thomas, the DVD run-time is over two hours with fold-by-fold instructions. There are all levels of projects, from Folding 101 to folded shoes.

The Rubber Stamper March 2005

Rubber Stamper

Fold It, hosted by Karen Thomas, is a DVD full of ideas for greeting cards, books, boxes and more using folded papers. 14 projects, plus tips, techniques, and much more.

Craftrends Feb 2005


If you think origami is only about making paper cranes, think again. In this DVD Karen shows you how to fold beautiful papers into envelopes, boxes, gift bags, earrings, and books. ... If you have ever tried origami and found yourself tangled up in all the diagrams and references to "valley folds" and "mountain folds" I think you'll find the DVD to be less tricky to understand. The handwork is close up, well lit and clear. ... This DVD, as are all PageSage DVDs, is well-made and enjoyable to watch.

Vamp Stamp News Feb 2005

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