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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage DVD FAQs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs

DVDs vs. Videos
PageSage video is available on DVD only. We do not product VHS or PAL tapes. PageSage DVDs include unique features, like Interactive Galleries and Indexed Tips. You cannot create a dynamic viewing experience with video tapes.

You will need a DVD player to watch the video. Some of you may already have a DVD player without realizing it since most game systems (e.g., XBox™, Playstation™, etc.) are also DVD players. Many computers now come with a DVD drive. If you don't have a DVD player, you might want to check your local discount and electronics stores. We've found new players for less than the price of two DVDs.

DVD Region Encoding
There are currently 6 global region codes that identify specific DVDs that are compatible with players typically sold in that region. PageSage supports the regions depicted in bold and may not work on DVD players in the other regions.

The regions are:

1. U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada and Bermuda
2. Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt
3. Southeast Asia, East Asia, including Hong Kong
4. Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
5. Former Soviet Union, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
6. China

International Video Formats
All PageSage videos follow the 60 Hz NTSC format. This is the video format used in North America and Japan. NTSC DVDs may not work properly on DVD players that use PAL, SECAM, or other video standards.

Our beta tester in Europe originally was only able to view the DVD in black and white instead of full color on her DVD player. When she changed the TV SCART socket from AV2 to AV1 and set the DVD playback to SVIDEO, she was able to view the DVD in full color. She was able to view the DVD on her computer DVD player in full color without any problems. In fact, she left the settings this way and it has not affected the use of her other DVDs. It is nice to know that they don't have to switch the settings back and forth each time they view a different DVD.

Our tester in Australia has a slightly different solution. Her equipment does NOT use SCART connectors for either the TV or DVD end of the cables. All connections are the 3 wire video, left stereo, right stereo type. However the TV does provide 2 sets (front and back) for AV1 and AV2. Simply swapping the cable from the back(AV1) to the front(AV2) produced the colored display. However for her this would not be a nice solution for aesthetic reasons. Her earlier attempts had focused on setting the DVD to produce the correct signal for her PAL television.

She had never had any success as the DVD can only select PAL or AUTO (which presumably sets itself to NTSC for your DVD). Seeing that it was possible to see the NTSC color on her (supposedly) PAL only TV prompted her to look closer at the TV controls where she discovered that either NTSC or PAL can be selected for both the AV1 and AV2 inputs! It appears AV1 defaults to PAL and AV2 defaults to NTSC but both can do either! So it's all looking wonderful and even the cables are out of sight again! She was able to view the DVD on her computer DVD player in full color without any problems.

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