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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
DVD Projects PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs




Art Materials

MaryJo starts with an overview of fine art supplies: gesso, acrylic paint, gel & glazing mediums, glues, wax & polish, dry masking, and pigments.



Aging Effects

Aging Effects

Learn how to antique your artwork and create old world effects.

Faux Burl Wood

You'll be amazed at what you can create using a bit of clear tar gel and some shoe polish.

Faux Burl Wood

Tissue Box

Textured Tissue Box

Adding some color to the clear tar gel creates a completely different look.

Coasters Makeover

Using some gesso, paint, and rubber stamps MaryJo transforms inexpensive coasters into miniature works of art.


Altered Book Cover

Altered Book Cover

Adding gel medium, beeswax and acrylic paint can change a simple book cover to something very special.

Veiled Illusions

Beeswax works as both an adhesive and a textural element for all kinds of projects. In Veiled Illusions, MaryJo uses beeswax to enhance greeting cards and book covers.

Veiled Illusions

Creative :ayers

Creative Layers

MaryJo creates gorgeous collages using all of the projects and techniques illustrated on the DVD. You might be surprised to learn how fun and easy it is to create your own personal works of art along with MaryJo.


Our DVDs always include some extra features: an interactive gallery, an index of all of MaryJo's tips and tricks, and a few bloopers that we hope will make you smile.

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I didn't realize just how versatile my art supplies are or that I could use them in such a wide range of projects. As I watched this DVD, there must have been at least a hundred times or more when the "light bulb" came on for me and left me saying.."Oh, hey....I didn't know that."...or "NOW I understand!!!".

Cloud 9 Product Reviews Nov 2005

Cloud 9

Watching PageSage educational DVDs is a real treat for the mind. Not only are they stimulating by getting the creative juices flowing, but they remind you of supplies you may have already in your stash that you have not utilized to their potential. Exploring Art Materials with MaryJo McGraw is one such DVD. Not only does she have TONS of information for you as the viewer but she has a terrific way to present it.

Scrap Friends Jan 2006

Scrap Friends

The menu option plays each one of the segments in art materials and projects so you can stop and start as many times as you like. While I have never been in a class with MaryJo, this is like getting a front row seat as she teaches how to do each one of these projects.

S.S. Reflections Jan 2006

SS Reflections

I always know that I am going to learn something new anytime I watch MaryJo at work and I was not disappointed when I viewed MaryJo's newest DVD, Exploring Art Materials.

Vamp Stamp News Jan 2006

Vamp Stamp News

Stamp artist MaryJo McGraw demystifies fine art supplies for crafters by explaining how supplies are used and demonstrating projects.

The Rubber Stamper March 2006

Rubber Stamper

This extended learning session is 136 minutes of a one-on-one, interactive and inspirational classroom with McGraw...Camera work is tight and clear, to underscore the commentary with appropriate visuals.

Rubber Stamp Madness Sept/Oct 2006

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