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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
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PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs
PageSage - Award Winning Crafting DVDs


Paper Sculpture photo

Paper Sculpture
Michael Jacobs

Working with foam core board, acrylic paints and some basic tools, Michael demonstrates how to construct a custom box or structure. You'll never be at a loss for the perfect box or container once you learn how to construct your own.

Click on any of the photos to see a larger image.

Stamped Charms
with Judi Watanabe

Judi demonstrates that rubber stamping projects can be both simple and beautiful. For the retreat she showed us how to create cool stamped charms ...and a matching bookmark. This is one of those quick and easy projects that is perfect for a last minute gift.

Stamped Charms photo
Polymer Clay photo

Polymer Clay
Judy Belcher

Judy demonstrates a wonderful technique to create beads, jewelry ...or embellishments for other projects. As part of the project, Judy demonstrates how to create a Skinner Blend without using a pasta machine.

Metal Embossing
with Magdalena Muldoon

Magdalena had everyone mesmerized as she showed us how to emboss thin sheets of metal. The results were incredible. Using some basic tools, Magdalena demonstrates a variety of techniques. Metal makes a wonderful embellishment for any project, from picture frames and painted boxes to paper crafts and our retreat project.

Metal Embossing photo
Carving Stamps photo

Carving Stamps
with Sarah Hodsdon

Have you ever wanted a custom rubber stamp? Sarah demonstrates how much fun it is to create your own with a few simple tools. Your artwork is unique when you carve your own images. Sarah walks you through an easy project on the DVD ...and then brings in examples showing other wonderfully detailed images she designed.

ATC Cards & Book
MaryJo McGraw

MaryJo begins with a very cool and easy resist technique to create wonderful backgrounds. She is working on blank ATC cards. MaryJo then transforms her cards into a keepsake booklet.

ATC Book photo
Blizzard Book photo

Blizzard Book
Karen Elaine Thomas

If you think books are difficult to construct, then this is the project for you. Karen will teach you how to create a wonderful book ...without gluing or sewing ...just folding! Karen will also teach you how to easily make accordion folds that line up perfectly.


In the Gallery, you'll discover how each artist incorporated the individual projects into something quite unique. It is incredible to see how they worked with the same base materials and techniques, yet created such different artwork. As with all PageSage DVDs, the Gallery is interactive. If you see something that inspires you, jump directly to the technique at the touch of a button.


We wrapped up our experience at Carol's studio in Michigan. So, in addition to joining us in Pacifica, California, for the retreat, you'll enjoy an exclusive peek into Carol Duvall's home studio.

Laughter, too, is unscripted. Thankfully we caught those moments on tape too. Be sure to watch the Bloopers on all PageSage DVDs.

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Once again PageSage has given us a very unique DVD. Every time I watch a new PageSage DVD, I'm at a loss when I wonder just how they'll make a DVD that is better than the last. They are all really so good. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Art Unscripted is a unexpected flash of brilliance. Take 7 of the best artists in their respective fields, give them a general theme and the freedom to create art in their own unique styles...and you get an instructional DVD that opens up a world of unlimited creative potential.

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